Maizota one member Co.,Ltd

Maizota one member Co.,Ltd

Maizota one member Co.,Ltd was established in January 22nd, 2014 in Ha Noi – Viet Nam. Maizota has developed year by year. At the fisrt time, there was only one showroom in Ha Noi. Until now, Maizota has a lot of showrooms at big cities in nation-wide. We develop day by day and we try best to satisfy customers’ needs to take care and protect themselves and their family health with polluted air and polluted water. ( Please check the origin version. The translation bases on what we have read and understood the origin. For your reference only )


           Thank you for interested in lulo t-shirt. Here are some advantages:

  1. Lulo t-shirt is a brand of uniform with slogan: print fast get immediately, accepted with one
  2. We serve you from one year old to mature
  3. No problem with giant size or for foreigner
  4. Value chain: Consult – Design – Quotation making  – Produce – Deliver on  over the world
  5. Apply with high quality standard for all kinds of goods

Sales up to 99%
Sales up to 99% Let follow us now
Accept with 1 piece
Accept with 1 piece Don't be shy, we accept an order with 01 piece
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Free logo printing, for ever and ever Contact us now
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