TU HAO VIET NAM -- 3 layers, combo 5pcs

TU HAO VIET NAM -- 3 layers, combo 5pcs

- Fresh, softy, breathable and adjustable ear loops
- Anti virus fabric certificated usage
- Dust proof and epidemic protection
- Good for corporate's gift, friends,...
- Content, color, fonts are able to customize
- Size M for Adult and others, please contact.

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How to use 

1. Wash and dry before using

2. Do not soak, but wash immediately with mild concentration detergents

3. Wash after using up to 8 hours

4. Reuse: maximum after 20 washings

5. Always keep the mask dry

5 colors: Yamaha (blue) -- Navy -- Parrot green -- White -- Grey

- All products are sewn with antibacterial fabric that meets the testing standards of VIET NAM TEXTILE RESEARCH INSTITUTE – JOINT STOCK COMPANY

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