Streetwear - Black

Streetwear - Black

Street Wear – Your style. This product line has been loved by Young people for a long time. Nowadays, it is still a hard “street style”.

Classic style and high quality standard are applied with. Shirt is not only suitable with men, but suitable with women and children also.

Design with two threads sewing machine and run from shoulder to shoulder. Our t-shirts are made with dedicated sewing machine.

The item you see: Single fabric, 95-97% cotton and 3-5% Spandex – soft and quick-dry fabric with high quality. And you can change: Size – Over 5 colors – Style – Material – Total amount…

$ 8
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            Thank you for interested in lulo t-shirt. Here are some advantages:

  1. Lulo t-shirt is a brand of uniform with slogan: print fast get immediately, accepted with one
  2. We serve you from one year old to mature
  3. No problem with giant size or for foreigner
  4. Value chain: Consult – Design – Quotation making  – Produce – Deliver on  over the world
  5. Apply with high quality standard for all kinds of goods

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