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Cảm ơn anh chị đã quan tâm đến sản phẩm của áo thun lulo. Dưới đây là một số ưu điểm nổi bật của áo thun lulo:

  1. Áo thun lulo là thương hiệu của “ in áo lấy liền” và “ đồng phục mọi số lượng”
  2. Nhận làm áo thun từ trẻ em 1 tuổi đến người lớn
  3. Đáp ứng cho size quá cỡ và size châu Âu
  4. Chuỗi giá trị: Tư vấn - Thiết kế - Báo giá – Sản xuất – Giao hàng toàn cầu
  5. Áp dụng một tiêu chuẩn chất lượng cao cấp cho các dòng hàng

  • The same price t-shirt/ polo shirt: 79,000vnđ are made from pique fabric, sweat absorbent, unwrinkled and non pilling fabric. These best advantages help to move to the top best selling rank.
  • In Vietnam, you can directly contact with us. Beside that, you can buy from our partners in USA – Japan and Singapore also.
  • We have basic colors of each type of fabric. For example, we currently have 33 basic colors with 65/35 pique fabric, 25 basic colors with bird’s eye knit fabric, 22 basic colors with bird’s eye pique fabric, 15 basic colors with 100% cotton pique fabric, 17 basic colors with interblock…Absolutely, you are able to order personal color. All the information mentioned above are in stock now.
  •  At lulo, we have two types of size parameter: Asian and European. They include: XS- S – M – L – XL – 2XL – 3XL-4XL -5XL per each group. Moreover, we also have sizes for children from 01 year old. Notice: You can suggest to reduce or increase the length or the width if any. Normally, our size parameter is bigger than other fashion firms. Please take time to refer our size parameter to make clearer or talk with us to receive the best guides before making decision.
  • Our consultant team usually answer most of them. In some cases, we will move you to our experts to explain more if any. Don’t worry about that, we always try best to satisfy our customers.
  • On working time and you can send email or contact with us via zalo – whatsapp – skype…to connect with us immediately if you would be urgent. We will reply as soon as possible when to receive your queries.
  • Bird’s eye pique fabric, 65/35 pique fabric, 100% cotton pique fabric, 100% polyester pique fabric, bird’s eye knit fabric are commonly used for polo shirts. Interblock, 65/35 single fabric, 100% cotton single fabric are commonly used for t-shirts. We mix anti-bacterial fabric, bird’s eye knit fabric, balide layer…to make anti-bacterial fabric face mask.
  • There are only the most suitable materials with your need, demand, budget and purposes. If you use pique fabric to make t-shirt, even you have been selected the most expensive fabric. It wastes money only. Let give us an opportunity to consult with you before making decision.
  • It depends on model such as t-shirt or polo shirt, how many position, how many color, what material also. However, it only takes you 79,000vnd/pc: print 01 logo, 01 color/logo included with the same price t-shirt/polo shirt line.
  • We need 2-5 working days to complete for orders from 1 -100pcs. It’s up to current situation when you place an order. Delivery time will depend on your positioin, on working time if you are in Ho Chi Minh City.

Basically, we have 33 colors. Let find all below. And of course, we can dye any color as you suggest. But total quantity must be enough. Contact directly with us to receive in details.


There are two size parameter systems: Asian and European system. We have 7 sizes for men and 7 sizes for women in basic per each system: For XS to 2XL. Both people who weigh over 100kg or under 10kg can easily find t-shirt/polo shirt from us.

That is a difference. Comfortably, you can select any sizes you need and we are very pleasure. Even you order several pieces. Don’t worry about that. Make yourself comfortable to order.  

Basically, we have 11 printing positions on polo shirt. Let refer the samples below:


Basically, we have 14 printing positions on polo shirt. Let refer the samples below.


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