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Start up from a T-shirt, have you tried?

Cheap is bad? Unfortunately, it is not correct in this case. Let see what we have...

Start up from a T-shirt, have you tried?


You want to start up, you want to start a new job with your own capital. But you don't know where to start? To start a business you must have the determination, courage and mind to dare to deal with possible failures. Because the road to success is never full of roses, but full of trials and challenges. So have you ever thought you could start up with just a 79k t-shirt. If not, don't hesitate to try it. Let us help you with this!

The quality of the product is excellent

As you may not know, a lot of young entrepreneurs start off by a t-shirt. The t-shirts, though only for a relatively cheap cost, are a contribution to successful businesses on the way to start a career.

According to VnExpress, Lam Ngoc, the owner of a t-shirt manufacturing business with a brand name lulo, has re-started with just 17 million VND from t-shirts. And he succeeded. Mr. Lam Ngoc once said that he used to be “struggling” when he started his career. But with great effort and enthusiasm, he produced wonderful t-shirt products that were well received by many people.

Why say starting a t-shirt but still success. Because we can't deny that lulo t-shirts are of great quality. Cheap 79k t-shirts are not only of great quality, high aesthetics, but also can convey good messages to customers. To design a low-priced t-shirt, you can find cheap but still quality t-shirt materials. Currently, there are many reputable establishments specializing in selling cheap t-shirt materials. You can find such information on reliable websites.

The “down to earth” thing is that with cheap product prices or low product prices, workers cannot sew carefully or beautifully. Therefore, when producing cheap t-shirts, businesses have to calculate in advance. So that, it does not take too much time and costs and still can produce the best quality t-shirts.

Do you know? To be able to embroider a cheap t-shirt product, it is impossible to invest too much in raw materials as well as technology. There is a fact that people in the past always think "you get what you pay for". And we cannot deny that. A cheaper product has less investment in materials and technology.

Because we can only invest money and time in higher priced products. So, sometimes it will be unavoidable that the logo on a cheap t-shirt can be stuck together, peeling off at a certain time. We can't blame manufacturers because there's nothing wrong with this. All to compete and race according to the market.

Compared to just 79k, you can already own a t-shirt, that's a good quality. Currently, on the market, there are many famous t-shirt brands. But the price for the t-shirts is quite expensive. You will be hard-pressed to find a brand of t-shirts that is both cheap and quality like lulo t-shirts. These cheap t-shirts are favored by quite a few people of any age. That's why these cheap t-shirts have never been outdated. You will never be found cheap t-shirts in the other markets or brands. Let try to realize a different thing for 79k VND.

The advantages of cheap t-shirts

Maybe, you don’t know, cheap t-shirts also have great advantages. Not only suitable for the budget, but these t-shirts are also considered as "student shirts". Why? Because its cost is purely "student price". Not only cheap but the 79k t-shirts have extremely good absorbency, can absorb sweat; Pique fabric with many different colors, you can freely choose; No wrinkles, no shedding, this will not cause discomfort. Besides, it is also sewn according to the Amazon US -Canada- Mexico and Singapore export standards; Price includes 01 logo printed image. These criteria are considered pretty good for a VND 79,000 t-shirt. You can also refer to more for more details.

Do you know? These cheap t-shirts have a lot of uses. With only VND 79k, you can order for your team and class shirts from these cheap t-shirts. Why say "start up from a cheap T-shirt"? Start-up businesses all started with cheap t-shirts. Someone will use it to make uniforms for their company or business. Initially, there was not much capital, so it was very reasonable to use cheap t-shirts for uniforms. Someone will also start a business with cheap t-shirts. It may be difficult at first, but if we try, success will be inevitable!

And the message we want to inspire to you through these cheap t-shirts is: "the little will gather makes more"

"Many failures will have the motivation to succeed"

"The cheap will make the price if people know how to use it".

That means "you must always try hard to succeed".

Nowadays, a lot of people are ordering cheap lulo T-shirts. Only 79k VND, you can own a good quality shirt. Sometimes, you can put on your T-shirt to walk, play sports, and hang out and so on. These t-shirts still make you more active. You can also wear it in combination with shorts, sneakers. That is wonderful!

Currently, Covid 19 epidemic is complicatedly evolving. This has a significant impact on the economy. So human purchases are also limited. And cheap t-shirts will become "more expensive" than ever. Think about it, if we buy 79k t-shirts not only save money but also buy quality and affordable t-shirts.

Above are some shares about the advantages of cheap 79k t-shirts. Hope this article will be really useful for you who are looking to buy for themselves the cheapest t-shirts. In particular, I hope this article will inspire you about the value of success from the messages that I convey above.

There is no reason to miss out on a cheap and good quality product like a lulo t-shirt

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